Dark nights, bright stars. Miguel Benlloch’s cultural activism: the street, the club, the gallery


Exposición en la galería the worm, Aberdeen (4 febrero – 26 marzo 2022).

The darkness of the night evokes distinctive reactions in different latitudes and climates. Aberdeen in February, in the dead of winter, can be a dark, gloomy place, as the nights drag on longer than the days, bitterly cold. Yet there’s other nights, the joyous fiesta nights of Granada, where the darkness welcomes its nightly creatures in a ‘sweet chaos’ of infinite possibilities. On nights like these, darkness allows for what couldn’t be visible in the daylight’s plain sight to shine, dazzling, on.

The exhibition Dark nights, bright stars introduces Miguel Benlloch’s practice to a UK audience, charting, through a small number of artworks, his trajectory from political activist to artist-activist. Rooted in nights of clubbing and fiesta that act as places for political action and participation, Benlloch’s artistic practice unlocks new possibilities to critically address society…

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Obras gráficas de Miguel Benlloch producidas por peacock & the worm