Poema y acción sonora emitida por vía telefónica entre Granada y Nueva York el 2 de noviembre de 1993, en el programa de actividades (performances, música, poesía y vídeo) de la presentación del proyecto editorial Promotional Copy de Robin Kahn, en el Guggenheim Museum SoHo, DIA Center for the Arts y Holly Solomon Gallery. Miguel escribe el poema en referencia a la prevista invasión de Haití por el ejército de EE.UU., que tuvo lugar en 1994.

Miguel Benlloch, Canario, manuscrito, 1993
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Miguel Benlloch, 1993, en Mirar de frente,
2019, pp. 19-21
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Miguel Benlloch, Canario, 1993
Audio, 5 min. 14 seg.

Presentación de Canario en Miguel Benlloch. Cuerpo conjugado,
CentroCentro, Madrid, 2019

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Promotional Copy, montaje y desmontaje

After Special Issue, I was approached by D.A.P. who began to distribute my publications (they have been very supportive throughout the years) and because of their relationship with the Guggenheim Downtown I got to use the museum’s lobby space for one night for the Promotional Copy publication party. So I conceived of the idea that the museum should function as a doormat to the street, you wipe your feet at the Guggenheim’s entrance, you get your book and then exit onto Mercer Street where are all these different artists and activists and neighborhood people would be painting, juggling, fortune telling and inviting you over to engage with them. So the street, not the museum, really was the focus of the event. I also invited a lot of friends who are artists to make interactive projects in the lobby space to introduce their projects, sort of “promote” themselves as a part of the party.

Robin Kahn, Promotional Copy

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